Deciding Where to Travel To

When it comes to planning a trip, no matter what type, there are a few decisions that will help you figure out where you are going to go.  You may end up having to go through the decision making process a few times before you can come up with a viable option.

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Where Do You Want to Go?

The first question is, where do you want to go?  Sometimes you know exactly where you want to go and other times, you aren’t really sure, which is where the other factors come in.  Usually, when I decide I want to go somewhere, I am stuck on the destination and then I look into the other factors to see how I can make it into a reality as there are always a variety of decisions to make which can affect the outcome.


Sometimes where you go is dictated by what you have to spend.  When I have gone to an all inclusive, I am not usually picky about the destination but I have a budget in mind and want to stick to it.  If your budget is flexible, then this may not be the best option to make your decision.

Length of Time

How long are you going to be gone?  If you are going somewhere for a weekend your options are going to be drastically different than if you are going for a week.  If you want to go somewhere that it is going to take you 24 hours to fly to, then you likely will want to be able to spend a few weeks th ere instead of just a few days.


Another consideration is when you plan to go.  For some people, they can just pick up and go at the spur of the moment but for others, there are work schedules, deadlines, kid’s activities and other commitments that can limit the choices.  This may affect where you can go as you may not want to go to the Caribbean in October due to Hurricane season or to Europe during the rainy season.

These are the main factors that I use when I am making a decision in regards to where I want to go.  Have I missed any that are important for you and your situation?
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