What is the Traveling Canuck About?

Well, it is about a  Canadian Gal and her adventures around the world and everything to go with it.

Maple Leaf
Canadian Traveler (Photo credit: Torsten Reimer

I have been lucky that I have been able to travel a few different places in the world and I wanted a place to share my knowledge and of course, my pictures.  For that reason, I decided to create this blog.  Not only will it be a blog about the places that I have been but it will be a blog to share the adventure of planning my next trip and hopefully inspiring or helping others in the same process.

You may see some blacked out faces in pictures, that is because I do not have the person’s permission to post their picture on the blog but I still wanted to include the picture.  For this reason, it was easier to just black them out.

In my excitement to get this blog started, I do not have any content yet.  So I will work on that and get something posted in the near future, I hope.  Meanwhile, here is what you can expect to see:

  • New Zealand, Australia, Fiji – I spent 3 months exploring this area of the world back in 2004.

  • Thailand, Malaysia and a touch of Singapore – I spent a month here in 2012.

  • Planning for Africa – This is my next major trip planned, probably in 2015.
There will be pictures and information on other places that I have travelled to as well over the years.  They may not be quite as exotic as the above locations, but they are just as important and special.

  • Cuba

  • Dominican Republic

  • Mexico

  • Southern Ontario – London, Stratford

  • Various Locations in the United States – Yellowstone, Grand Canyon
I will be accepting guest posts from others at some point so it may not be exclusively my Canuck Adventures, but the majority will be.

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