Changes to Habits and Routines

I find it interesting how habits and routines change when you travel.  Of course, it makes sense that some items would change such as the time you wake up or when you have your meals as some things are not in your control, but other, little things change.

A big one for me is getting to sleep.   At home, I have a multitude of different tricks I can employ to help me sleep.  My electric blanket is the first step as I need to be warm, then music and cuddling my teddy bear.  Yet, if I am not home, I usually can sleep without any difficulty.  While I still need to be warm, I don’t have to be toasty like when I am in my own bed.    That said, I find I cannot sleep with socks on when I am home, but in a strange bed, not a problem.

Eating is another item that changes.  Depending on where you are and how you are travelling, you may be eating at times that you find odd, you may be eating more often than you normally do or you may eat less.  When I did day trips in Australia and New Zealand, we would sometimes have a small morning stop for a snack and one in the afternoon as well.

Spending is a huge one as you do not have the conveniences that you have at home and you spend more in general.  For instance, I am not a fan of bottled water due to the taste and the cost.  But depending on where you are travelling, it is not an option.  In Australia/New Zealand I drank tap water but in Thailand I drank bottled water (the tap water is not safe to drink and using water tablets all the time was not convenient).
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