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I know when it comes to traveling, pictures are the best.  Everyone wants to see them.   But I haven’t gotten any ready quite yet but my next post should have a few.  But keep in mind I have a lot of photos and to sort them and find some to post is a bit time consuming.

  • New Zealand/Australia/Fiji –  1250 pictures

  • Thailand/Malaysia – 1900 pictures

  • Mayan Riveria – 400 pictures

  • Dominican Republic – 250 pictures

  • Southern Ontario - 550 pictures
I will be sharing pictures from New Zealand/Australia and Fiji first.  Mainly because I am able to find the blog I had back then and with a few modifications, I can post those to start.   Be prepared for some heavy picture posts although I may limit myself to a dozen or so per post.

I plan to write some explanations and stories which I think are really important.  I know many times when I am looking at someone’s pictures I wonder why they took that picture or at least what it is of.  So that is what I want to share with this blog.  I know I have some great pictures that I love to show off – a koala with baby in its pouch, a waterfall and more.  And there are many I have to figure out where they were and what they were.

Remember that some people will be fuzzy/blacked out due to not having their permission to post their pictures.  I figure this is the easiest method for me, now to figure out how to do that in a program as I am not very good with those types of things.
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