Fraser Island, Australia

Warning, This post is going to be Picture Heavy!

One of the excursions I did in Australia was to visit Fraser Island.  There is limited access to this island so it is easiest to go with a tour.  We spent 3 days and 2 nights on the island.

One of the first glimpses of the island.

Near our accommodations.

This lake/stream comes and goes based on a variety of factors.

An old ship that people were exploring.  This was close enough for me.

Many layered rocks.  They just called them "coloured rocks"

You could land a plane on the beach.  I wonder how well that actually worked!

The view from one of the spots we visited on the island.

Sunset at the beach by our accommodations.

We visited this lake within the island.  I didn't go swim but several did.

This is what we had to hike across to get to and from the lake.  It is tough walking!

One of the many creatures we saw in our journeys.

Slight breakdown as we were heading back to the ferry to leave.

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