What Not to Do Before You Leave

We tend to talk about the things you should do when you travel, go with your gut, be safe, but there are some things that you should think about and not do.

Tell Everyone on Social Media   

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I am amazed at all the people that post on social media that they are going on holidays.  Whether they are going to the lake for the weekend, on a tropical holiday or out of town to visit family, you know about it.   While chances are you trust most of the people on your social media lists, I know that there are a lot of people on my list that I do not know personally.  And they likely do not know where I live, but once you find out a person’s first and last name, you can find out a lot about them on the Internet.  Why set yourself up for this?   Just keep it quiet that you will be out of town and you can post all about it when you’re home.  This is especially important if you have young people who post on social media as they do not think to sensor what they say.

Take Everything You Own

If you are going to the lake for two days, chances are you aren’t going to need your fancy evening outfit unless you know you are going to be doing something that requires it.  Pack for the circumstances and keep yourself to one suitcase.  If you are going to be gone for more than a week, there is a good chance you can find laundry facilities somewhere to keep you going.  I remember a trip my family took when I was young and finding a Laundromat somewhere (maybe Seattle?) and going shopping in a little thrift stop next door while we waited.  Laundry can almost be fun!

Be Obvious

Chances are you know this one, but don’t make it obvious you aren’t home.  Make plans with your neighbours to take in your mail and clear your driveway of snow.  If you will be gone a while, have them mow the lawn or any other chores that might need to be done outside.  If you have a driveway or parking spot and your car is gone, get someone else to park there if possible.  Lights on timers are handy as well.  It’s likely your neighbours will realize you are gone but to a casual observer, it shouldn’t be so obvious.

While it can be difficult to keep your excitement to yourself when you go on a holiday, it can be beneficial to protect yourself and your belongings.    You will also have less to worry about when you are gone and won’t have to come home early to deal with problems.

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