Save Money by Planning Ahead

Going on any kind of holiday can be expensive. But, if you plan ahead and watch for deals, you can make your travel budget stretch a bit further.

Back to School
Back to school sales may sound like a strange thing to use for buying travel supplies but there are several things you may want to consider. Notebooks and pens are the first thing that you should be taking with
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 you, to make notes or write a journal while on your journey. You could use a pencil case to store your toiletries or carry them to the washroom if you are in shared accommodations.

In December, there are a lot of deals to be had. But, you want to make sure you shop and get an idea of what prices are like before all the holiday sales start. Some stores will just promote their regular price as a good deal or they will drop off a few cents and call it their best price yet. Keep in mind that the holidays may not be the best time to get a good deal on what you are looking for. Some stores will let you negotiate for a better deal as well, especially if you are paying cash so they have no fees to pay.

You can get all sorts of items on eBay for a fraction of what you can get them for locally. Need spare charger cords? You can find all kinds on eBay and for less than one or two bucks. But, you need to be patient as these tend to come from Asia and take a month or so to arrive in North America. I have bought several cords, a power adapter, spare camera battery and many other items for my travels through eBay. As with anything online, make sure you watch the cost of shipping as it may make the item cheaper to purchase locally.

If you are going to a warm spot in the middle of your winter, you may be able to purchase clothing in advance for a good price. When the local stores have their summer clear out, you can purchase things on clearance and set them aside for your trip. This may not be a good idea if you are in the middle of a weight change plan or are pregnant/planning to be pregnant.

Gift Cards
Whether you are travelling or someone else in your life is, gift cards are always a great idea. If you watch social buying sites like Groupon, sometimes you can find gift cards for national or international companies. This may buy you a supper that your aunt is paying for or allow you to buy those new hiking boots that you want to use when you are hiking.

Tourist Deals
Depending on where you are going, there may be deals for only those people with a foreign passport, provided it was bought in advance. For instance, when I went to Australia, I was able to buy a tourist pass to use the train all the way up the east coast. It had to be bought before I arrived in Australia and it saved me time and money, in that I didn’t have to carry as much cash around and I just had to call a number and book my travel whenever I wanted.

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