Flying with Only Carryon Luggage

Flying to Ohio was a bit different for me this year as I decided to fly with only carryon luggage. I was not bringing huge amounts of things down with me nor did I plan to bring a lot of things back home. I figured that the space occupied by the items remaining in the States would be plenty (it was) and coming home wouldn't be an issue. I was wrong on that.

Traveling with a carry on only

Would I recommend flying with only carryon? Yes, if you can manage it. But, depending on your flights and your planes, it can be a bit of a problem. On the one flight I was on, they did gate check for our luggage as they did not have a lot of overhead compartments. Anyone who did not think they could fit their luggage under their seat had to check it (free) but you got it back after landing. I checked my purple bag as I had nothing valuable or breakable in it but I did take my bag with my laptop and other bits and pieces onto the plane with me.

Vacuum Bags
Another thing that I did was bought some vacuum bags to pack my clothing and other "squishable" items in. You can buy pumps to use with them if you will not have access to a vacuum at one end of your trip. But, if you are going to use them, keep in mind that just because the items take up less space, they will weigh the same and you could get in trouble for being overweight.

Restricted Items
Make sure to check the list of restricted items before you travel if you are going to only use carryon luggage. I didn't think I could take a razor along with me but that is allowed. But things like a small blade is not (shouldn't be a surprise).

TSA prohibited items
CATSA what can you bring.

If in doubt, leave it at home!

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