Introducing Traveling Canuck’s Minion aka TCM!

I’ve been having a hard time getting posts written on here so I decided to change things up a bit. I had recently ordered some Minion dolls via eBay but didn’t really need three of them hanging out around my house. I decided that one of them should become like a mascot for this blog and go on some adventures and post about them.

I took a quick poll of my friends and we decided on the little guy you see below

Hello TCM!

Naming him was a little bit more difficult. I thought of calling him Canuck, Jr as he was going to be the mascot for this blog. But my wonderful friend Amanda came up with Traveling Canuck’s Minion (TCM) which was perfect! The abbreviation is obvious as to what it stands for but it is a bit cooler than Jr, in my opinion.

With that said, TCM went for his inaugural trip in Feb/March 2015 to Ohio. There will be a separate post about his experiences and pictures. He has also setup an account at Instagram if you are there, “travelingcanuck” for you to follow. He is not the most tech savvy, especially when you consider he has no fingers, so you may not see a lot of posts. He has asked me to post for him but I have to admit that I tend to forget about the account.

TCM told me that he found the trip to Ohio fun but he did get a bit tired. He wanted to watch the "Lord of the Ring" movies with us but only ended up watching the first one. It was a bit long and scary for him. With that said, he is looking forward to more adventures.   The weather has finally improved here so he wants to go exploring in the near future as well.

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