TCM's First Flight, February 2015

One of the problems with flying is that depending on where you are starting, you cannot get anywhere direct. You also have to start out early as you have to get to a major hub to connect with anywhere else. For this reason, the day started out early, 4 am to be precise Had to be at the airport by 5 am or so and get checked in (online wouldn't cooperate) and then through security and to the gate.

By the time TCM and I got through security, we had probably half an hour before our flight. Grabbed a quick Tim Horton's tea and headed to the gate. TCM was yawning by this point but I told him he had to stay awake at least until we boarded. While he wanted some tea, I thought he was maybe a bit too young for such a drink.

We finally got boarded and TCM wanted to sit in the seat beside me. I buckled him in and tightened the belt as tight as possible considering that TCM doesn't actually have any hips or body shape to speak of. Once I told him he was secure, he proceeded to fall asleep.   Unfortunately, he doesn't have eyelids so you can't actually tell he was sleeping but he snores quite loudly so it was not a problem to tell!

Buckled in

Nap time!

Three hours later we landed in Toronto.   Did the security thing as we were headed to the States and then went to our gate. We still had a few hours to kill before our flight.   We wandered around the airport. In the one area, there were iPods attached to tables and there was no fee to use them. You could order from the restaurants in that part of the terminal or just browse the Internet on them.   But, nothing on the menu appealed so we left and went elsewhere.

Pondering some lunch

Eventually we went back to our gate and were relaxing when we found out that our flight was delayed by several more hours out of Toronto. Thankfully, there was free Wi-Fi, and some other travelers in the same situation, so we sat around, chatted and just waited.

Hanging out at the airport
We arrived at our destination airport just after midnight, only close to five hours late. Then an hour drive after that and bed. TCM and I were both exhausted at this point!

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