A Teaser of my Africa Trip

I originally scheduled several informative posts for December but decided to delay them a little bit and share some photos.   And really, isn't that what people are the most excited about seeing when you get home from a holiday?  I am going to share some of my favorite photos in this post and hope it gets you excited enough to come back every Wednesday to see what else I have to say.  Won't remember to visit?  Subscribe via the button on the right hand side!

This first picture was from an Elephant orphan centre outside of Nairobi, Kenya.   Most of the elephants were orphaned due to their mothers falling into a well, poaching, or natural causes.  There were two different groups of elephants - those under 2 years old and those who were older.  The older ones were able to hold the bottles themselves - the food is actually human baby food as they found that was best for the elephants.  As they get older, they are introduced back into the wild and they end up joining a herd.

The next several photos are from the Serengeti.   We spent two nights and three days here and several wildlife drives.  We were safe in our trucks and sometimes the animals would get quite close.  I have a lot of great pictures from this part of the trip, and sometimes wished I had a camera with a better zoom.

One of the things that I really wanted to do was a hot air balloon over the Serengeti so I did it.  This was the first time I ever did a hot air balloon trip and it was great.  This is one of my favorite pictures that I took but I have some from others that are great.

A highlight was all the lions we saw while in the Serengeti.  This is one of several but we came upon this family of mom and her cubs.  Such playful little guys!

The tour I was on did several different countries and once we passed through the Serengeti we had a lot of long days as we headed southward towards Zimbabwe.  Along the way, we passed through South Luangwa National Park and went on a night safari.   While we weren't able to see a lot of animals in the dark, we did come across a group of lions that had recently taken down a zebra.  Amazing to see!

Last, but not least, is a photo from Victoria Falls where my tour ended.  I will have a complete post on this area later but the Falls were great, especially the mist that came off them as it was likely around 40C!


  1. I loved looking at these photos and learning more about the area you visited.

  2. Thank you! There will be more, every Wednesday I publish a post :)