How to Prepare for a Trip to Africa (Or Anywhere)

Once a person determines where they are going, they need to figure out what they are going to need.  For places like Europe or Australia, it is relatively simple, at least for a Canadian.  
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I’ve never been concerned about them before other trips but I knew this time I needed to be more aware.  Because there is yellow fever in Kenya, and I was traveling south, I needed to get my yellow fever with the card proving I had it.  Where I live, only one place is able to do this so I had to get that organized.  I needed to get typhoid, a tetanus booster, malaria pills and my hepatitis as I had never got them in the past.

If you are looking to travel somewhere, you should check out your own countries website to see what they recommend.  If you go to your destination’s website, you may have a harder time finding that information.  

Visas/Travel Documents
On top of that, I had to look into visas which were their own hassle.  On my trip, four of the five countries required a Visa at the time I booked.  But, you could only do them 3 or 6 months out, depending on the country.  I ended up doing two before I left but didn’t know if I would have time to do the rest before my trip plus I was advised that I could get them at the borders and that time was built into our trip for it.   We were advised about a month before our trip that the fifth country was adding a Visa requirement and it would be in place by the time we arrived.  Due to the timing, and lack of information, I decided to wait and get it there.

To find out what you need in regards to paperwork, visit the website of the country you are visiting.  It will tell you what type of paperwork you need, how soon you can apply for it, as well as the cost and where you need to send it.  Be prepared to have to mail your passport off, or if you are lucky, they will have switched to an online format.

Clothing Choices
There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to packing clothing for your trip.  Read about where you are going and if there are any considerations you need to be aware of.  For instance, in many places tank tops or clothing that shows shoulders or knees can be offensive.  Camouflage may be restricted to those in the army/military.  Be respectful of those places that you are visiting and honour their traditions and views, even if they do not make sense to you.


Look into what you need for money.  Figuring out how much you need could be tricky as everyone has different spending habits.  If in doubt, it is always best to take US currency with you as it can be converted pretty much anywhere into local currency.  If possible, you want to start your trip with some local currency so you can pay for a cab or a meal.  You will want to order your currency at least two weeks before your trip from your bank as it can take them a little bit to bring it in, especially if it is not a common currency.  Check into what fees will be if you use the ATM or debit card to get more cash.   On my trip, some of the travelers were using theirs regularly and the fees were adding up quite quickly.  

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