Why Africa?

When I told people that I was going to be travelling to Africa in 2015, one of the first questions that I would get was “Why?”  If I was being a smart aleck, the answer was, “Why not?” But realistically, it was the next place on my list to see and there were two places that I wanted to see.

Ngorongoro Crater (there will be a post coming up)

Planning this trip was not as easy as my other trips.  First, it was figuring out what trip was going to work for me.  I had traveling with Intrepid before and decided to use them again as I knew what to expect.  I spent an evening on their site looking for a trip that would take me both places I wanted to see, the Serengeti and Victoria Falls.  I finally emailed them to ask if they had such a trip and within half an hour of emailing them (it was evening), I found the trip that would go where I wanted.  It ended up being the same trip they recommended which told me I was on the right track.

Before I searched and found the trip, I had a time frame and budget in mind.  By having a long time frame to work with (I was looking well over a year in advance), I was able to create a budget and have an idea of the cost.  That said, with such a long time frame, prices changed and I had to rework my budget.  

One thing that I was bad about was doing my research about what I needed.  I didn’t really start looking into immunizations and Visa’s until after I had already booked everything.  I might have been able to save a few dollars if I had gone from Victoria Falls to Kenya instead of Kenya to Victoria Falls.  But it all worked out and that is all that matters.

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