Let's Get this Tour Started!

After my two days of day trips I had a veg day and hung out around the pool and did a bunch of reading.  I met some other travelers with intrepid as their tour started on the Saturday and mine started on the Sunday.   Sunday was another lazy day of hanging out and reading and relaxing.  

Bird was for a friend but apparently I didn't take many pictures at the hotel.
Meeting the Roommate
My roomie ended up showing up and finding me reading by the pool.  I had checked with the desk the prior day and they said I did not have someone coming but I guess they maybe didn't understand me?  Anyways, the desk person pointed me out to her as she had already been up to the room and dropped herself.  She was thrilled to see the Canadian flags on my bag.  As we had nothing to do we just hung out and got to know each other.

Meeting Everyone 
We had a group meeting scheduled for 6 pm where we met our guides and the rest of the people on our tour.   There were three Canadians, 2 Americans, 3 Australians and 1 New Zealander.  The ages of our group ranged from early 20's up to 70 years old.  To start the tour we had two guides as the one was having issues getting his paperwork renewed so wasn't able to leave with us.  He was getting us organized and introduced us to the lady who would be taking us for the first little bit. 

Getting to Know Each Other
After our meeting, most of us went for supper together at the restaurant.  One of the ladies chose not to as she had just come off another tour and they were all going for supper before everyone headed off in different directions.  It was relaxed and we were able to get to know each other a little bit.  Most of us crashed early as we had a 6 am wake up coming!  

The Wheels on the Truck
6 am we were up and going with breakfast at 6:30.  We were meeting the group around 7 to get the truck loaded and take off.  There were 24 seats on the truck but only ten of us actually sitting in the back as the chef sat up front with the driver.  This way everyone had two seats to themselves which allowed us to stretch out and nap if we wanted.  Each seat also had a wall charger which came in handy throughout the trip.

Home Sweet Home for the next three weeks

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