To the Serengeti, We Go!

Today was an early day with a 5 am wake up call.  Up, get ready, take down the tents and get ready for the day.  The guides met us at camp with the jeeps that we would be calling home for the next few days.  Our jeep was four people plus our tour guide and the other jeep was five people.  A third jeep was dispatched to bring our chef, the food and the tents.  Our driver got to enjoy a few days off which she was going to spend cleaning the truck and doing some maintenance.

Along Ngorongoro Crater

We had to wait at a gate for a while to be granted admittance.  Several in our group decided to do Tai Chi while we waited.  I chose to shop and take pictures of them instead.    Someone else who was waiting around decided to join them for a few minutes while she was waiting for admittance.

The gate to get into the crater
We weren't the only ones waiting to get in.

Our driver started long the rim of the crater as you have to get in somehow.  There was a lot of cloud cover so we didn’t bother stopping at the first look out as we wouldn’t have seen much.  But as we drove along the rim we were able to see majestic vista’s ahead of us.

Along the rim of the crater
Into the Crater
Eventually we went down and into the Crater itself.  On the journey, we saw Maasai people herding cattle along the roads.  It is impressive that it is worth the time and effort to have cows in this region but it must be.  
Herding cows
Lunch was a stop at a lake.  Everyone else seemed to be there;  probably because it was the only place with bathrooms and you weren't allowed out of the jeeps while driving around.  As we were coming into the area for lunch, there was an elephant coming out of the lake.  We stopped and watched him as he got out and walked away.  

Here he comes!

Climbing onto the bank

Made it!

And he has had enough of the paparazzi.

The lake where we had lunch.  I think I took this picture from the washroom area.

Along the journey we saw a lot of wildlife, which is what we were looking for.  With that said, some wildlife was harder to find than others such as leopards and cheetahs being much more elusive.  For me, it was difficult to see the wildlife until they were almost upon us (which most didn’t do) the guides were much better at is, seeing as it is their career.  Unfortunately, my battery died as we found some lions lounging around a building so I didn't get their photo. 

No worries
Yield to animals
Momma, I'm hungry!
Its too hot to do anything!
Yep, we see the hippos, we don't care.
Mm... water!
Magnificent animal!
I see you!
You really get an idea how big this place is with that elephant in the background.
Hello tourists!
You really cannot tell how big this guy is!
Off to the campground for supper and the night.  Another early morning tomorrow for my hot air balloon ride!

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  1. Love the photos - and reading about your adventures!