More Animals!

After we were picked up from our balloon ride, we went back to camp.  On the way back to camp, we saw some leopards.   We had now seen the Big Five!

Two leopards hanging out in a tree, relaxing
Brunch was served as everyone else had a late wake-up.  Due to it being many hours until supper, I had some food as I didn’t want to spend the afternoon starving.

Nothing was planned until later in the day so we relaxed.  Several of us decided this was a good time to get some laundry done and then relax.  Of course, once our laundry was hanging it rained.  Thankfully, the rain didn’t last long and the heat allowed the laundry to dry quickly.

We went out for another drive in the afternoon.   There is only so much I can post about seeing animals so here are more photos.

After the balloon ride, you can see a jeep in the background

Nothing to see here, just elephants.

Off we go!

Can we help you?

We are just relaxing.  Nothing to see.

When we came back to camp, there were elephants just outside the grounds.  We didn’t get very close to them as we didn’t want to bother them (and we had been told not to) but we were still able to get some decent pictures. 

No zoom, they were that close.

Sunset in the Serengeti with our tents.
The next morning we were up and had breakfast and then left the Serengeti.  But along the way, we ran into two different groups of lions.

Group 1:  We saw dad crossing the road with a dead gazelle.  It looked like he left a bit for the cubs to eat but he was taking the rest of it away to eat himself.  Mom would need to go out and catch something else so that everyone would be full.

Dad has his lunch.

Mom tending to her babies.

So cute!

Group 2:  We first spotted them with a group of hyenas fighting over a kill.  They eventually gave up and we followed them down the road.  It was likely 20 minutes before they settled down and then we left.  It was nice that there weren’t a lot of vehicles following this group.

Hyenas vs Lions

The mom of each group is tagged.

Follow the lions.  There weren't a lot of us following which was nice.

Drink time

The zebra's were on the other side of a creek.  Just keeping track of the lions.

Lions weren't interested in hunting, just finding a shady spot.

Looks like a great spot to relax.

I just wanna rub that belly!

We drove out of the Serengeti and the Crater and back to camp.  Our tents were setup when we arrived (yay!).  Relaxed by having a swim to get all the dust off and spent a bit of time on the internet.

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