Let the Long Days Begin

October 2
Usual start to the morning by taking down the tents, having breakfast and then we were off.  We hung out in Arusha for a few hours so I sent off some more postcards and mailed them.  Most of relaxed at a coffee shop that had free Wi-Fi although it wasn’t very fast with all of us attempting to use it.  

We were to have a guide and driver change here but our guide was still having passport issues so that didn’t happen.  We did have a driver change though.

After that we headed off to our next stop at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the mountain when we arrived or when we woke up in the AM.  Due to the elevation, this was one time that I actually wished I had a little bit more for bedding.  I ended up using my blanket as well as my hoodie to stay warm.  

Walking to the bar area

Oohh.. shadow person!

A path at the campground
At this point a duty roster was introduced.  Why they didn’t do this before, I’m not sure as it had been mentioned at the orientation.  The tasks are:   dishes, pot scrubbing, cooking (chopping) and truck sweeping.  

October 3
Today is a long drive to get to Dar Es Salaam.  It’s about 600 km which isn’t that far in Canada but here, with the way the roads are, it is a long day.  All said and done, it took about 13 hours to arrive at our campsite.  Getting through the city centre wasn’t too bad but we got stuck in traffic around a huge market which took a long time to get through.

Just one part of the market

Arrived in camp around 6:30 and did my chore of cooking ie. chopping up way too many veggies.   Once I was done that, I went to the ocean where several others were swimming.  I didn’t feel like swimming at that point as I didn’t want to deal with a shower before supper so I just waded in a little bit but the waves got me to mid-thigh.  The water was great, I hope when we return we get back earlier so that we can enjoy a little bit more.

We ended up having to put up the tents while it sprinkled

Tomorrow we head to Zanzibar!

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