Off to Zanibar!

It was quite a journey to get there to the island.

  • 20 minute ride to get to the ferry
  • 10 minute ferry ride across the water (which was before the traffic snarl getting off as it was people and cars)
  • 20 minute walk to the Zanzibar ferry office
  • 1.5 hours pm the ferry
  • Arrive and get stamped by immigration, even though we aren’t changing countries.
  • Have our bags checked by security
  • Find our guide outside
Inside the ferry, we were in the air conditioned area

The wake

Just one of many areas we passed
Got to the hotel and had a short nap as I wasn’t feeling so great after the boat.  Had a walk and found some ice cream to get me through until supper.  Several of us decided to go to the night market together to see what we could find for some food.
A bed, yay!

 Hanging out around the dock

 Walking down to where the Night Market is

  Walking around Stonetown

The night market had all sorts of food options.  I was expecting it to be more of a market with food and craft type things but as we are on a small island, this was more like island fast food.  Many vendors had the same types of items on their table so you ultimately just picked one and made your choice.  I had some chicken and coconut bread.  

One of many stalls

One of our trip mates bought us sugar cane juice.  We were able to watch the vendor squish and squeeze the juice directly from the cane.  It was quite nice and refreshing but not overly sweet.

We had also heard all bout Zanzibar pizza’s so we had to try it.  I wanted one with pineapple and chocolate but the booth I was at didn’t have pineapple.  Instead, I ordered one with Mars bar, banana and chocolate.  It was very good.  :)  I wouldn’t call it a pizza, more like a crepe as they spread some dough out thin and then put the toppings on it and then put another layer on top.



All done with extra chocolate sauce
Unfortunately, there were a lot of stray cats looking for food.

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