Spice Tour on Zanzibar

While in Zanzibar, we went on a tour of the spice market.  Again, I was expecting more like a market but instead, we walked through different fields and areas where various plants were grown. I cannot remember what these plants were, so my apologies for no labels on  most of them.

A pineapple plant produces two pineapple's a year

Lipstick!  (I don't remember what this plant was)

Climbing the tree for a sample

Jack fruit

Cocoa plant

We were taken to a local house for lunch. 

After the tour, it was back onto our mini bus where we moved to another area of the island.  Here we were on a hotel on the beach.  Went swimming in the ocean and got a bit of a burn going.  Have booked a snorkel trip tomorrow, looking forward to it!

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