Are we there yet?

October 10
Only four hours in the truck today which is a treat after the last few days.  We stopped at a mall and we had hoped to find some souvenir type thing like post cards or magnets but no such luck.  We went into a market to get costumes for some sort of party.  I declined as I didn’t feel the need to waste money on such things when they were for just a few hours and I didn’t understand the purpose.   I wasn’t the only one in the group that chose not to.

As we headed back to the truck, we saw a wedding procession drive by.  The bride and groom were each sitting in a window and waving at everyone as they drove by.  I don’t know if that is normal but we waved back anyways

Where’s the Beach?
Finally made it to Kande Beach which was to be our home for two nights.  Pretty much everyone decided to upgrade here as it was cheap to do so. I got a dorm room which was in a row of rooms; I think 5 in a row, basically separated by bamboo walls.  Not very sound proof but they did the job. 

The beach and the island for snorkeling

By the bar

Lounging area by the bar

Unfortunately, some people didn’t understand that there were people in other rooms and had no consideration.
  • Night one – I was woken up by someone having sex a few rooms down. The noise kept me awake for probably half an hour before they were quiet enough that I could sleep.
  • Night two – some people came to use the showers which were at the end of the dorms.  But instead of talking in regular voices, they were yelling which woke me up. 

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