Hanging Out on Zanzibar

A day of relaxation!  There are not many of these scheduled on our trip so best to enjoy it while we can.  

Started the day with a relaxing, hour long massage on the beach (couldn’t go wrong for $20).  Afterwards, a quick lunch and then it was time to go snorkeling.  Silly me didn’t think to put sun screen on my back and turned a rather bright red colour.  Thankfully, I brought after sun with me so I was able to put that on and have it not hurt as bad.

Our room

Hanging out by the beach

Drink time!


Obligatory foot shot

Heading out to snorkel

Looking back at the beach

Back to Reality
After three wonderful nights with real beds and no tents, it was back to Dar Es Salaam.  Reverse our trip from a few days ago

  • Hour and a half back to the ferry station
  • Hour and a half on the ferry
  • 20 minute walk to the second ferry
  • 10 minute ride across the water back to our truck and campground

We had hoped that our tents would be up when we arrived due to the heat but they weren’t.  As it was only midday and very hot, no one was in the mood to put up tents.  Instead, most of us headed to the beach to have a swim and cool off.

Got out of the water, put up the tent and had a shower before supper.  Early bedtime tonight as we are getting going way too early tomorrow so that we get out of town before the morning rush hour starts .

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