I have to be up at what time?

October 8
To get out Dar Es Salaam before the traffic, we were up and gone by 4:30 am.  If you know me, the only time I want to see 4:30 AM is because I am hopping on a plane to go somewhere.   I guess in this case I was getting on a truck and going for a long time.  Breakfast was a stop on the road where we also made lunch so we wouldn’t need to stop again.    Pulled into came around 5:30 pm and got setup.

October 9
It’s another early day as we were up at 4:30 am and on the road by 6 am.    It is yet another long day of driving as well as we are crossing the border into Malawi.  As a VISA had just been put into effect for October 1, we didn’t know how long we might be stuck here or how many others might be ahead of us.  

We ended up stuck at the border for at least 2 hours, if not longer, before we got through.  We had stopped for lunch beforehand but the usual fare of sandwiches and fruit.  We weren’t really sure why we didn’t just eat in the truck instead of stopping beyond the fact we were able to exchange money and use some really nasty bathrooms.  

We ended up behind a G Adventures truck at lunch and then behind them at the border.  Their tour leader wasn’t too friendly to the border guards and that ended up delaying them a bit, they didn’t get out of there much before us.  Some of the girls in our group made friends with their group which they used to help pass the time by chatting and playing “Heads Up” on a smartphone.  We discovered that we are going to end up running into them a few times over the next week.  

Various pictures from the road.


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