And the Truck Wheels Keep Rolling

October 16
Yet another day with another long day in the truck.  Left Crocodile Valley and drove another 12 hours to another campground.  Found two intrepid trucks, one G Adventures truck and one from Nomad.  A lot of people were hanging out in the bar, playing pool and just partying.  I hung out a bit but it was too loud so I went to my tent.
October 17
Up and on the road early yet again.  We crossed into Zimbabwe early in the day.  The Canadians got hit hard with VISA fees with it being $75 US yet the Americans only had to pay $30.  I have since found out it has to do with how much the other country charges. 
Zimbabwe Ruins
We visited the Zimbabwe Ruins.  Climbing up all the rock stairs was a lot of work as they were not even or in good condition.  It was interesting to see the various areas and what they were used for.  It was a bit hard for me to imagine with all the rocks everywhere and there not being any complete walls left.

The hill we climbed

Up in the Ruins

The view from the top of the Ruins

 A village created for the tourists

Inside the Great Enclosure

Exit from the Great Enclosure

Within the Great Enclosure

Arrived at our home for the next night and decided to upgrade as it was raining when we arrived.  Rooms were only $4 night, per person.  They did the trick and everyone stayed dry.

And we moved on again the next day.  This was a short day in the truck, only 6 hours!  Who would have thought I would have said that 6 hours of driving was short?  Anyways, we arrived at our campsite, most of us upgraded by rooms, being tired of the ground at this point and hauled our stuff in.  Then we piled back into the truck and headed into Bulawayo to check it out.  There was a store that I wanted to check out but it was closed to I hung out with the girls at a bar for a bit.

October 18
I hung out at the campground today.  The optional daytrip didn’t interest me so I hung out at the campground, played on the Internet and hung out at the pool.  Our guides can’t swim but I was trying to teach them how to scull.  They couldn’t get the hang of it and were quite jealous.  They had issues sinking too, had a tough time trying to dive down to retrieve beer they had tossed in the pool.

Next up, Victoria Falls!

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