The End of the Trip: Victoria Falls

We arrived in Victoria Falls on October 19 and went directly to the Falls.  Everyone on our tour but me and another lady decided to go check them out immediately.  I had gotten a thorn in my foot the day before when using a bush toilet so I wasn’t up to walking at that time.  It was also very hot and I wanted to go in the morning when it was cooler. 
Went to the hotel instead and got settled into my room.  The other lady who didn’t go to the Falls had decided to room with me for the nights we were in Victoria Falls as she needed a break from her tent mate and a tent in general.  Hung out at the pool to relax for the afternoon and then met up with the group for supper as it was our last night together. 

Even with being in a room, it was hot.  There was a ceiling fan but it could only do so much with the heat.  Ultimately, we slept with the door and window open (we stuck something in the door to make it a bit safer).

Visiting the Falls
Headed off to the Falls around 10 am.  We planned to stick around until after lunch as we had heard that around 1 or 1:30 you can see rainbows.   The walk over was probably about 15 minutes but it wasn’t too hot so it was tolerable.  We started by walking the length of the path to see the Falls and then we wandered to the restaurant to have something to eat.  They had misters which was nice as it was getting hot and we were melting. 

Beginning of the Path

Looking down towards the other end of the Falls

Looking back at the first Fall

The biggest section

Panoramic of the Falls

As we were there in the low season, the Falls were not as full as they typically would be.  From what we were told, the water levels were actually the lowest they have seen in a lot of years.  With that, when the water levels are higher, there is so much mist that you cannot see much.  For that reason, I’m glad we were there during the low season

Lovely rainbows!

Originally we planned to walk across the bridge to Zambia but decided that we were too hot and tired.  We purposely would walk some of the paths slowly as you got mist from the Falls coming over you.  Instead of walking back, we took a cab due to the heat.  I enjoyed a swim in the pool once we returned before meeting the people I had been touring with for supper.

A misted pathway

The route to cross the border

Random Photos from the Falls 
One of the dry areas of the Falls

One of the many excursions you could do.  But climbing back up would suck.

See the little people?  They are in an area called "Devil's Pool".  It feels like you are being pushed and are going to fall over.

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