TCM’s Africa Adventures

TCM came with me to Africa (Don’t know TCM?  Meet TCM!).  He wasn’t always that great about getting into the photos so I don’t have a lot of his adventures.  For a minion who wants to travel, he is a bit shy about actually coming out of hiding.  But regardless, here he is.

First up is TCM enjoying the balcony in Nairobi.  Thankfully he travels in style in the carry-on luggage or else he would have been left behind.

Off to the Serengeti!

Oohh.. spoke too soon, we have to wait our turn.  So TCM decided to explore.  He isn’t sure if he is wildlife or not.

TCM came out to ride in the hot air balloon.  Our pilot saw him and commented that we had a stowaway.  But he was a well behaved stow away, he was too scared to come out of his hiding spot once we were on our way.

Off we go to spot some wildlife.

Relaxing as the truck travels down the road.  TCM did this a lot!

Hanging out at the beach at Zanzibar.  Too bad TCM can only look as water would be dangerous for him. 

Bananas!!!  I’m surprised I got such a clear shot as TCM was vibrating he was so excited!

Ahhh.. more Beach!  TCM really wanted to go swimming but I had to remind him that he would drown and miss the rest of his adventure.

With that said, TCM didn’t want the adventure to end once we got to Victoria Falls.  In fact, he ended up hiding in the truck and he missed the trip to the Falls completely.  He almost stayed behind in Africa but I managed to find him with a last look in the truck before the continuing tour left.

TCM was exhausted when we got home; it was a long journey for him.  He also needed a bath but minions are a bit tougher to scrub clean than humans so he is no longer quite as bright yellow as his cousin’s.  He seems to be okay with this though, he feels it makes him look more rugged and adventuresome.

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