Where am I Going Next?

Now that I have been to Africa, what is next on my list?  Funny you should ask that.  Next spring I am off on a cruise to the Caribbean with friends.  I haven’t been on a cruise for 20 years so it should be interesting.  I know a lot has changed!


It is an 8 night cruise through the Eastern Caribbean.  There are four of us going so we have upgraded to a balcony room.  I don’t know many of the details, just the dates of our trip.  As it is over 6 months away, we have yet to figure out our excursions and activities we may want to do but I’m not overly concerned.

If you are curious to see the trip, check it out here:  8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise

My next big trip is likely going to be Europe.  People are always surprised that I haven’t been already but that is just the way it has worked out.  My thought at this point is that I want to do a tour and see the highlights and then I can return in the future to further explore the areas that further interest me.  This saves me trying to figure out accommodation as well as transportation.  While I’m sure many people speak English, I worry about getting confused and not getting to where I want to be.

I am thinking that I would like to go to Switzerland, Austria and Germany.  I want to go to Neuschwanstein Castle as it has intrigued me since I was a teenager.  As its still two and a half years from now, I haven’t really started much research.  

 Is there anything that you think I should make sure to see in Europe?  Chances are I will make sure to have a few free days on either end of my trip to relax.

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