TCM's First Camping Trip

In 2015, I had my first experience camping.  Being a minion, I don't typically get taken with as I am expected to stay at the house and clean or something.  But this time, I was honoured and taken with.  I had a great time!  Let me share some of my experiences with you!  This took place in St Brieux, Saskatchewan.

When we first arrived, and we pulled up in this empty spot, I was scared.  While I may be a fuzzy minion, I still like the creature comforts like a real mattress instead of lumpy rocks in my back.  I found out that I would have something softer to sleep in and I was much happier.
Our campsite

Yay!  Real beds in here!

One of the nights we were there, we went to watch fireworks.  Unfortunately, they hung me up to watch but really, who am I to complain?

Hanging out watching the fireworks

This minion ate really well while we were at the camp.   Below is supper one night, steak and potatoes.  Yummy!   And then later that evening, we hung out in front of the campfire and made marshmallows.  I even managed to sneak a drink from the adults in the group.  Unfortunately, they caught me and took it away before I was able to have too many sips from it but I was still walking a bit funny after.

Yummy supper!

I didn't get to drink much before they took it away.

Sugary goodness!

I managed to eat this before it fell off

I decided to walk out to the dock one evening.  It was getting a little nippy out though so I figured it was best to stay out of the water and just look.  It was very relaxing, the dock was swaying a bit underneath me.  It took me a minute to get my balance but then I was ready to go sailing.  Too bad none of the boats belonged to us so I wasn't able to.

Typically each evening the group unwound before bed by playing cards or reading.  My preference was to steal a kindle and read or a few minutes.  There wasn't a lot of minion reading material on there but well, I couldn't be too choosy.  I typically just gave up and went to bed after that.

Time to relax

I can't wait to go to the lake again!  

Happy camper
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  1. This looks like a fun camping trip to me. I haven't done much camping -- but hope to do so in 2017!