Off to the Beach and Snorkeling

March 9
The morning started with a breakfast of sticky rice, our bananas wrapped in leaves from last night as well as rotti (like a crepe with sugar) and fruit.  We vegged until our ride came to pick us up.

We were told that it was half an hour to Krabi but it only felt like ten minutes.  We got checked into our hotel and we had some free time.  My roomie and I headed out to explore a little bit and we found a cafĂ© with Wi-Fi and a snack.  Then back to the hotel to have a swim and a nap.

Such an iconic shot for Thailand
The entire group met up for 7 for supper.  It started to rain but we managed to get to the restaurant before it started to pour.  It continued throughout our supper but it was still going afterwards and we got drenched on the way back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we are off to Phi Phi Island.

March 10
It was about a 30 minute ride to the first island and we had 40 minutes to wander around.  The swimming wasn’t great here and there were a lot of people so I just walked around and sat.
One of several warning signs.
The second island is where the movie “The Beach” was filmed.  Due to the amount of boats here, there wasn’t really any place you could swim.  There was a bit more to explore here and you could walk around and go to a lookout point.  With the way this island was, it was tricky to get back into the boat as it was going up and down with the waves and the tide was moving.

Such clear water!
This wasn't even the busiest area.
Where do you want to go?
After this island, we headed to Phi  Phi island for lunch but we stopped in an area with such clear green water.  You could see the bottom even thought it was 5 to 20 meters deep in different places.

Sooo clear!
Approaching Phi Phi Island
Lunch was buffet and anyone who wasn’t ready for snorkeling got ready here.   Our first stop was about 45 minutes long and I stayed in the water most of that time.  There was an opening that you could swim through and around which was rather tiring.  When I got back to the boat, I was one of the last ones there.
Another group getting ready to snorkel.
From here, we moved to another spot to do a bit more snorkeling.  There were more fish in this location.  From ones that were yellow striped to others were white with black dots.   Other fish were turquoise and some were black and red.  I’m not sure how long we were in this spot but most of us were exhausted by the time we got back in the boat.

Tomorrow we head to Malaysia!

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