Staying with the Locals

March 8
Today we were up at a decent time and headed to our homestay.  The drive was about two and a half hours and it started to rain while we were driving.  As a result, we stopped to put a tarp over the bags so that they wouldn’t get too wet.  

After getting settled, the group went out for a walk to check out the rubber tree.  I didn’t go as I wasn’t feeling good but it seems a rubbery tree is similar to a maple syrup tree.  There is a sap that they collect off the tree that is turned into rubber.  They saw pineapples and a cashew tree.

Due to the way this home stay was setup, the girls all stayed in one room with mattresses on the floor and mosquito nets.  One of the guys chose to sleep in a hammock outside the girl’s room and the other found somewhere else in the house to sleep, maybe one of the actual bedrooms they had.

Supper was provided by the family we were staying with.  It was served family style on the floor.   It included:
  • White rice
  • Chicken curry – not very spicy
  • A chicken and seafood stir-fry
  • Vegetables and meat
  • Hard boiled eggs
After we had a chance to digest, they showed us how to make banana’s wrapped in sticky rice.  Due to the time required, they became part of breakfast the next day. I never did get the name of it.
  • Cook sticky rice, coconut cream and sugar
  • Place on a banana leaf
  • Spread rice mixture out
  • Place banana on the rice mixture
  • Use leaf to wrap the rice around the banana
  • Fold leaf to make a tight bundle
  • Steam for approximately an hour
  • Cool for many hours before eating
My attempt
From there, some people chose to play cards and others did some reading.  It was a relaxing and nice evening for everyone.

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