In the Big City of Kuala Lumpur!

March 13
We arrived in the city around 2 pm and found the hotel.  It is located in China town which is a crazy place with markets.  There are businesses on both sides of the street and then booths in the street which makes it difficult to move around.  Then, there is a market in the evening which completely fills the street.

Our guide took us for a walk and showed us where the Central Market is so that we can return there on our own to shop later.  It was about two blocks from our hotel so easy enough to find.  We took a quick walk through and I found a few things I wanted to come back for.

From there, we walked to where the two rivers meet in the city.  You can see the different colours where they merge.  The Petronas towers are visible from here.  Next we went to the LRT.  There were machines where you pay the fare which gives you a disc.  You place the disc on the spindle which then lets you in.  Then, when you leave, you deposit it to get out.  The LRT was very busy as it was around 6 and there were likely a lot of people on their way home from work.

Once we got to our destination, we went outside (the LRT let us out at a mall) to see the towers.  We were going to hang out there until it was dark but most of us were hungry so we headed into the mall to find food.  This was an expensive mall as I saw quite a few big brands – Gucci, Prada and many others.   There were six levels to the mall, we didn’t explore them though.

After we ate, we went back outside and waited for it to get dark to check out the towers all lit up.  Unfortunately, the fountain was not working as it was being repaired.  We went back to the LRT and the hotel.  My feet were so tired and the next day had another half day tour scheduled.

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